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Date molasses
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Benefits of Jaggery

🍂 Winter means dates are molasses. This molasses is not only to satisfy the rasna, but it is very beneficial for the body. Dates and sugarcane jaggery have thousands of properties. find out

Rich in vitamins and minerals, jaggery increases immunity. Keeps body warm in winter. Saves from cold.

🍂You will be surprised to hear that there is no comparison to molasses in reducing constipation. Because jaggery activates the secretion of various digestive juices and stimulates bowel movement, thereby relieving constipation.

Remember, if you put a little jaggery in your mouth after eating, then the digestion process starts very quickly. Which keeps the body healthy overall.

Jaggery does not play an important role in blood purification. As a result of which one can stay away from various diseases by eating jaggery regularly.

Molasses contains sodium and potassium. It helps in controlling blood pressure. Jaggery is very useful in respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis.

🍂 It is said that there is no answer to molasses to increase energy and eliminate body fatigue. Jaggery increases the metabolism of the body due to its sufficient amount of potassium. And this increase in metabolism keeps weight under control.

Also different types of pitha, misty like food and jaggery are used.

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