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Return policy

If you run an online store in Bangladesh and the world, there are quite a few rules and
regulations that you must follow. Many of these rules relate to the customer’s right to return
goods from online orders and request refunds. Therefore, you must have a returns policy for your
business. Your returns policy should be incorporated within your terms and conditions if you are
selling goods through an online store. This article will explain precisely what your returns policy
should cover.

Rights of Consumers to Return Online Purchases
Customers can return goods purchased through online orders for two reasons. Firstly, they can
return the goods if they are faulty or otherwise not as you described. Secondly, they can return
the goods if they have decided they do not want the item after all.

Receiving Faulty Goods
The goods you sell must be satisfactory and fit for their intended purpose. If a customer does
receive an item that is faulty or otherwise not as you described it, they have the right to a full
refund if they return it to you within 30 days of receiving it.

After the first 30 days but within six months of receiving the item, the customer is entitled to
repair or replacement. If you cannot repair or replace it, you must provide them with a refund.

After six months, the customer still has the right to return the goods to you. However, they must
prove that the goods were faulty when they received them. If you agree that the goods were
faulty on receipt, you must repair or replace them. If you cannot repair or replace them, you must
refund the customer, but you are entitled to make a deduction for the use of the item whilst the
customer had it.
The Customer Changed Their Mind
Customers in Banglad and Wales automatically get a “cooling-off period”. The cooling-off
period is 14 days from the day your customer places an order with you, in which they can change
their minds about their order. This right to change their mind means that they have the right to
return goods to you for a refund, even where there is nothing wrong with the goods.

To take advantage of this cooling-off period, the customer must tell you they have changed their
mind within the 14 days, and they then have a further 14 days to return the item to you.

Exempt Goods from Change of Mind Returns
The types of products that are exempt from the customer’s right to change their mind are:

sealed items like DVDs, video games and computer software;
sealed hygiene items like medical products, swimming costumes and underwear;
perishable items such as food products or flowers; and
custom or personalised items.
What Should I Include in My Returns Policy?
It is essential to inform your customers of their rights to return items to you, whether they are
faulty or simply because they have changed their minds about the goods.

As well as clearly stating your customers’ legal rights, your returns policy should also include
clear information about how customers should return items to you. For goods that are not faulty,
you may wish to clarify that goods returned must be in their original condition and not show
signs of use and that they must be in their original packaging. You should also state whether you
will pay or refund shipping costs to return goods where customers have changed their minds and
how you will refund customers. If you decide you are going to offer your customers free returns,
you should state that in your returns policy as well.

Suppose you sell items for which the customer cannot change their mind (for example, sealed
hygiene goods like surgical masks or underwear, or perishable items like food products). In that
case, you should explain to your customers that they cannot change their minds about these

You should also clarify how you will deal with faulty goods and what you will do if you are
unable to repair or replace a faulty item. Your returns policy should also include information
about how you will refund returned items from online orders. For example, usually, you would
specify that refunds will be made to the original payment method.

Key Takeaways
Customers in Bangladesh and World have many rights relating to the goods they purchase, and
this creates an obligation on you as a business owner to ensure you give effect to their rights and
make sure the customer is aware of their rights. This means you need a clear and effective
returns policy for your online business. Your returns policy should:

set out your customer’s rights;
clearly explain how your customer should return items to you;
explain how you will deal with goods returned because they are faulty; and
explain how you will deal with goods returned because your customer has changed their mind.
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