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Honey (Black cumin)
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From my long experience, today I will share with you some simple tricks to know adulterated honey from black cumin flowers 🙂

Is honey pure or adulterated? To know this, we must know the characteristics of pure honey and adulterated honey. First let's know the properties of pure honey.

Features of Black Cumin Flower Honey:
It looks black. (The color may be light or dark due to the presence of Coriander + other flower honey more or less)
It tastes like date jaggery.
The smell also matches that of date molasses.
The concentration can be more or less depending on the quality of honey.
If the honey is diluted, foam appears. And if the concentration is high, foaming is not seen.
Generally black cumin flowers do not accumulate nectar. However, due to the mixture of honey from other flowers including coriander flowers, it is sometimes observed to accumulate.
Features of black cumin flower adulterated honey:
It looks black.
The taste is very unpleasant. Sometimes it feels like Tita Tita. Jibba becomes angry. Cos cos is felt. Some adulterated honeys contain too many grains. The ridges may be more or less.
It smells bad. Does not taste like whole palm molasses like pure honey. Sometimes a smoky smell is also found.
Concentration can be more or less.
The best feature of this adulterated honey is that, even though it is thin, I have never seen it foam. And if it is thick, there is no chance of foaming.
Most of the time after a long time it is seen to accumulate like sugar at the bottom.
Another major characteristic is that the older the honey gets, the more the honey's taste changes and becomes foul.
I have tried to say the main points as easily as possible. Still, if you find it difficult to understand after reading it once, you can read it two or three times. And by reading these features you can gain basic knowledge.

To gain the real secret and profound knowledge, you must eat, watch and observe deeply some pure honey and some adulterated honey at the same time. Only then you will understand the difference between pure black cumin flower honey and adulterated honey inshallah.

I said what I knew. If ignorant people find any mistake in my writing then please let me know. I will feel blessed to be your student

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